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If you wish to obtain your Illinois Concealed Carry License and do not have any prior training please register for the 16 hour class.


If you qualify for 8 hours of training please register for the 8 hour class. 


You must attend the appropriate segment in order to completely cover the curriculum.

If you want to register with multiple people and take advantage of the friends and family discount please register each person and pay the deposits. Your savings will be applied on the class date when you pay for the remaining balance. Thank you for training with us!

*register below!*

Training with FRIENDS AND FAMILY is fun! Sign up together and save!

16 hr class for two save $10

16 hr class for three save $30

16 hr class for four save $60

Upcoming Events
Advanced Concealed Carry Course
Article 2 Range
IL 16 hour 2 Day Concealed Carry Class
2240 W Ogden Ave
IL 16 hr Concealed Carry Class 2 Days
2240 W Ogden Ave
IL Concealed Carry Class 8 hour Day 2 Sunday
2240 W Ogden Ave

2240 W Ogden Ave


Tel: 773-669-4867