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Illinois Concealed Carry Classes | Chicago | Concealed Carry Dynamics



Concealed Carry Classes In Chicago

No Walk-ins by appointment only

“The constitution shall never be prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”
Samuel Adams

Happy students

"Awesome! Would recommend to anyone I know."

Enes Hodzic

"Great instructor and class! Was recommended by a friend to take this class and I will recommend others to take it. Very accommodating as well! Instructor went in depth from state and federal laws to how to properly use a firearm. Happy I took this CCL class! Thanks Rod!"

Ryan Noel

"Great instruction, attention to detail, and very personable. I learned a lot and had a great time with the group. With so many to choose from I highly recommend these guys. Our group had a blast and I cant wait til we have another training session."

Michael Ilic



The mission of Concealed Carry Dynamics is to provide exceptional training for citizens seeking to advance their discipline in personal defense. Our goal is to provide quality and variety of personal protection training courses essential to building the survival mindset.

Our courses exceed the standards set forth by the State of Illinois for concealed carry applicants and teaches you the critical skills and knowledge needed to make the right decisions when needed most. Our courses will give you the tactical edge and legal mindset needed to defend yourself from a deadly threat.


The 16 hour class is required for anyone who does not have any prior training.

The 8 hour class is for military veterans and anyone who has taken NRA classes with an available certificate.

The 3 hour class is for those who already have their IL concealed carry license and need to renew it.

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Concealed Carry Dynamics

Rodrigo  Corona

Certified Firearms Instructor

I have been teaching concealed carry classes and since January of 2014. My goal is to ensure that anyone who attends my class is properly trained. I also ensure that my students have the right skills to not only defend themselves, but to know when they are legally able to do so.

I have over 22 years of firearms experience. I was handed a rifle at the age of 18 and trained as an Expert Rifleman by the United States Marine Corps. Since then, I have trained in many capacities and have taken extensive firearm training courses in order to be the best at my craft. I have worked in Law Enforcement well over a decade. As a firearms Instructor I am able to pass that knowledge down to my students so that they may learn to become proficient with their defensive firearm skills.

Since you’re going to be licensed to carry a concealed firearm in public, everyone around you is going to expect you to be educated and trained in doing so. Rest assured that providing you with the best training experience is my biggest priority. I hope that you value the quality of training you receive and only want the best when it comes to your self-defense training.  I promise to provide you with is the best firearms training that a civilian can receive without having to sign up for the military or the police academy. On top of all that you get risk free training! If you don't feel like you received the proper training I will refund you your tuition fee.

I have also made it my mission for you to leave my class satisfied knowing that you have a new skill set that you will carry with you and continue improving on. I'm not saying that you will leave the class a ninja or an expert shooter. You will have to continue to train. Continue building on the fundamentals that you learned in class and you'll gain a higher firearms proficiency. I'm proud to say that I've had very satisfied students throughout the years who are always happy to refer their friends and family to me.


I am very grateful that they have entrusted me to train them and those they care about most. Therefore, I feel that it is my duty to train everyone the best way I can. I feel confident knowing that if any of my students ever had to use their firearm to defend themselves or their families that they will be well prepared to survive their attack. Stop shopping around and wasting your time. Get trained the right way and I guarantee that you won't regret your decision. Let's get training and I'll see you in class!



At Concealed Carry Dynamics, we’ve worked hard to develop a variety of courses and programs to fit everyone’s needs. Whether you want to improve existing skills or expand your horizons, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our course schedule to see what we have to offer, and contact us today for an to schedule your next session.


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