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Relentless Protector Concealed Carry Course

2-day  19 Hour Class

TUITION: Course Only $299.00 

WIth Immediate First Aid KIt $309

DEPOSIT: $100.00 Remaining balance due at the beginning of class.

This is an intensive two-day course. This course consists of the Traumatic Incident First Aid Survival Course and the Advanced Concealed Carry Course.

Train in a realistic environment. Learn advanced tactics that apply to everyday concealed carry scenarios. You have your concealed carry license. Now get the training you need to be able to effectively use it.

Learn from military and law enforcement instructors, with years of experience in shooting, fighting, and tactical trauma care.

DAY 1:

In the event of a traumatic injury, having the knowledge to correctly identify and treat serious injuries within the first few minutes can have a significant impact on the survivability of a casualty. This one day, 9- hour course has been designed to train civilians in order to apply lifesaving skills. The focus of this program will be to provide the knowledge, specialized skills, needed to implement Immediate Trauma Care to injured victims.


Students will receive in-depth instruction on the preparation and application of basic and advanced trauma care. The training will provide civilians with the skills and knowledge to treat and survive traumatic injuries which will include but are not limited to: severe bleeding, airway management, shock treatment, and hypothermia prevention. All of the techniques taught have been implemented and practiced by emergency
medical services throughout the nation and the U.S. military.

Students will learn and practice the proper use and limitations of tourniquets, wound packing gauze, pressure point placement/usage, pressure dressings, occlusive dressings, Shock identification and hypothermia prevention.


Available for purchase: An Immediate First Aid KIt (IFAK) contained in a ruggedized, vacuum-sealed pouch, this life saving kit provides intuitive and easy-to-use tools that are proven to help to save lives such as the fastest, safest and most effective prehospital tourniquet in the world, the C-A-T®, quality gauze, shears, and pressure dressings/bandages. Included are step-by-step illustrated “just in time” pictorial instructions, so even untrained providers can help save a life.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x C-A-T® Tourniquet

  • 1 x 6 in. NAR Responder ETD (Emergency Trauma Dressing)

  • 2 x NAR Responder Compressed Gauze

  • 1 x HyFin® Compact, Vent Twin Pack

  • 2 x Pair, Responder Nitrile Gloves, Lg

  • 1 x Responder Trauma Shears, 7.25 in.

  • 1 x NAR Survival Blanket

  • 1 x Permanent Marker, Small

  • 1 x Just in Time Instruction Card

  • 1 x SWAT Tourniquet

  • 1 x Israeli Compression Bandage

  • 1 x Tactical Carry Pouch

This kit will be available for purchase at a discounted rate and will also be available for purchase at the end of the course for $120 (valued at $180). All items within the kit will be taught
and practiced during the 8-hour course. Please indicate if you will want the IFAK when you register. We have carefully picked out the best materials that you need to effectively save a life. We  individually order each kit so we will need time to have it ready for you to take home after the class.


Immediate First Aid Trauma Kit: $110



DAY 2:

You will learn advanced firearm techniques necessary for you as a concealed carry holder to know. We will cover defensive shooting, weapons retention, and self-defense tactics. 

You’ll Learn:

Part 1:  Defensive Shooting Skills

Learn about the mindset and skills necessary to survive a life threatening attack. You will learn about stepping out of the box and building your reflex response when responding to a threat.

You will not get to pick the time and place for the attack. Your attacker will decide that for you. It will not happen under perfect conditions. You will need to know how to respond appropriately under stress. You will learn to properly draw your pistol, and shoot your pistol using unsighted fire. You will learn how to quickly clear malfunctions and get back into the fight.

Part 2: Winning The Fight

Learn self-defense techniques that will help you to quickly end a fight before it turns deadly. Learn to fight long enough to gain control an attacker buy yourself time for police arrival. Learn how to retain your weapon during an attack in order to keep your firearm from being taken away and used against you! You will not learn this in a martial arts academy, these skills are brought to you from experienced law enforcement and military instructors who have real world experience in deadly and dangerous situations.

These skills will give you the ultimate tactical edge that you need to win and survive the fight!


We will cover:​

  • Combat Accuracy

  • Holster Draws

  • Weapons Retention

  • Emergency Re-loads

  • Clearing weapons malfunctions

  • Shooting and moving

  • Engaging multiple threats

  • Shooting behind cover and concealment

  • Weapons Retention

  • Self-Defense

  • Situational Awareness

You will need the following gear:

  • Sturdy comfortable pants for the range and self-defense class

  • Change of clothes (expect to sweat!)

  • Long sleeve shirt for the range/short sleeve for self-defense

  • Magazine pouches

  • Closed comfortable shoes

  • Baseball cap with brim

  • Mouthpiece

  • (Optional: knee pads)


Range located Article 2 in Lombard, IL 

*Range fee included. Ammo not included. 200-250 rounds will be needed for this course. 

Food / Water

  • Our lunch breaks will be short, so you might want to bring “sack lunches” or something
    That you can carry with you for Saturday and Sunday that does not require any preparation

  • Bring any other snacks you desire

  • Bring some bottles of water or a refillable container to stay hydrated during the training days


Firearm and Accessories

  • Pistol

  • Sturdy outside the waistband holster made specifically for your firearm. (No universal or nylon holsters allowed)*

  • 3-4 magazines

  • Magazine pouches

  • Sturdy Belt**

  • 200– 250 rounds Pistol Ammunition

  • Eye and ear protection

  • *If you show up without a proper holster you will have to do all drills without drawing from a holster

  • **Sturdy Belt: This needs to be sturdy leather or reinforced nylon. Flimsy belts will not properly secure a holster. If you come with a belt that does not secure the weapon you will not ne allowed to draw from a holster.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email and we will get right back to you. See you soon!

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